B.E. Miller General Construction Company is a company that is driven by individuals that have had vast experiences in engineering and construction management through various market segments who felt that there was a better way to deliver excellence to clients.  Founded by Marcus Miller and Juniel Miller, we are licensed to practice General Construction in the State of Georgia.

B U I L D I N G   T O   M A K E   A   D I F F E R E N C E


With our extensive background in various project types and delivery methods coupled with our knowledge in project execution, B.E. Miller General Construction Company is competent in their ability to provide projects that exceed expectations.  We utilize cutting edge software such as Oracle Primavera Project Management System to enhance the Pre-Project Planning and Construction phases and experience for all parties involved with the project.


Rachael’s Restaurant, Stockbridge, Ga - Client: Darrell Hale
Purpose: Renovate existing 1,457 Sq. Ft. vacant space into a restaurant.

Construction was completed July, 2017.

Green Forest Community Baptist Church, Decatur, Ga - Client: Karen Ruffin
Purpose: Renovate Men’s Restroom near Sanctuary.  

Construction was completed December 22, 2017.

Pet Laundry, Lilburn, Ga - Client: Aretha Jones
Purpose: Renovate existing 2,317 Sq. Ft. vacant space into a Pet Laundry. Construction was completed August 15, 2017.

L’Amour Chic Multi-Use Salon, Fayetteville, Ga - Client: Kevin and Sonya Ofchus
Purpose: Design & renovate an existing facility into a multi-use salon 

Construction was completed August 12, 2017.

Ligero Tobacco House, Buford, Ga - Client: Adam Tirado
Purpose: Renovate existing 1900 Sq. Ft. vacant space into a Cigar Shop. Construction was completed
November, 2016.


B.E. Miller General Construction Company focuses on partnering with our clients to not only understand their capital project needs, but also to understand the purpose behind those projects.  With that understanding, we formulate an execution plan that delivers excellence on purpose.  At B.E. Miller General Construction Company, we believe that if success is not a calculated, foreseeable outcome, then failure can be a foregone conclusion.

All services provided by B.E. Miller General Construction Company are tailored to the needs and goals of individual clients from project planning through construction closeout.  We take the time to understand the strategic goals of our clients and create an execution plan that best fits their needs.  At B.E. Miller General Construction Company, we believe that every client is different and therefore our approach to satisfying their capital project needs must also be different.